As I look over my life, I can see that God has had a hand on me even when I didn’t serve him. He has prepared me in so many ways and situations. I want to be me more fruitful in whatever years I have left. Showing the love of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and being relational is our DNA. Mayda & I are part of a team that the Lords has put together to do His work. In fact, this team has increased to reach more people.

I love being on the front lines of ministry. The Lord has given me instructions with three parts:

1. Develop what you have.

2. Keep an eye on the horizon. 

3. Don’t reject what I send you. 

All three are happening now! To God be the Glory!”


Bishop Richard Vedilago and His Blessed Wife Mayda

The mission of Casa Del Pastor, of the Spanish branch Ozone Park branch, is for God to use us in such a way that people become followers of Christ.
Our Vision is to form disciples so that their lives bear witness to their faith in the Lord. As they grows to maturity in Christ, God will equip some for leadership.
La misión de la rama de la Casa del Pastor, de la rama Ozone Park español, es que Dios nos use de tal manera que las personas se conviertan en seguidores de Cristo.
Nuestra visión es formar discípulos, para que sus vidas den testimonio de su fe en el Señor. Al ir creciendo hacia la madurez en Cristo, Dios dotará a algunos para el liderazgo.
Pastor Miledys Diaz of the Ozone Park Spanish Branch

We believe that changing the world starts by serving one person, and that person is you! You are loved, you are important and it is an honor and privilege for us to serve you!Today Jesus leads us to through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s our desire that you might know God’s renewing presence. 

Pastor Rachel Miranda of the Woodhaven Branch


The Rochdale Branch of Shepherd’s house is led by a dynamic and anointed couple.  Pastor David and Allyson Mendez lead a multicultural, Pentecostal Church in the southeastern corner of the borough of Queens in New York City.

At Rochdale, they hold various services including Friday Deliverance Services, Women’s Seminar’s and Evangelism Community Walks.  The Spirit of God is present and active at Rochdale, please pay them a visit and share in the blessings.
Pastors David & Allyson Mendez of the Rochdale Queens & Brooklyn Branches
“Pastor Stephanie and I are delighted and privileged to serve in the King’s of Kings family of faith, to introduce others not just to the God we have heard of, but have encountered for ourselves. 
The Lord has inspired us to broadcast the message that “Faith in God Works Indeed.”  Faith in the God who saves us, is the same faith through which we can be healed, delivered,  and made whole,  to the glory of God; It is a faith that postures us to pursue excellence in Jesus Christ. 
We invite you to join us at Shepherd’s House Brooklyn as we endeavor to live for the glory of God so that we may truly bear God’s glory and share His story to a world in need of True Love.
Pastors Emery Barber and Stephanie Barber of the East New York Branch